Social communities often create their own shared vocabulary, traditions, inside jokes, and unusual references.

If you’re new to OnePhoto.Club, here’s where you can figure out what means what. If you’re an OG and have a suggestions, send it over.

Mediocre Host

This was an inside joke from the original OPC, which featured various roles for each space. We had some fun “names”titles” for both the host and members. Mediocre Host was the primary one.

For posterity’s sake, here’s the full rundown:

One PhotoMediocre HostTop Notch Member
On This DayGuy With CalendarToday Rememberer
Weekly ThemeBad Theme ChooserPic Picker Outer
Mystery PhotoAnswer KnowerIncorrect Guesser
#OptOutsideCrazy Camp HostNature Lover
#WildByNatureNeeds Field GuideWildlife Photog
#WillTravel4FoodFake Foodie HostLegit Foodie
#LostNeededDirectionsAlways Lost GuideLost Traveler
#ArchiTravelLousy ArchitectBuilding Enjoyer
#WeirdNWackyHimself an OddityOddity Enthusiast
#TravelLocalWon’t Leave HomeStrident Localist
ConversationsNot Elon or ZuckChitchatterer
Polls & QuestionsBribable PollsterImpassioned Voter
Trip ReportsObvious FabulistFamed Storyteller
#GoQuestingQuesting PurveyorMotivated Quester
AnnouncementsHead AnnouncerGood Listener
FeedbackComplaint HandlerObvious Nitpicker
#OnePostcardPhony PostmasterStamp Licker
It was all in good fun.
Triple Play

A “triple play” was when a single photo satisfied three different photo spaces.

Usually, this meant it was an #OnThisDay photo that also fit the Weekly Theme, as well as another thematic spaces (of which there were a half dozen).

Quadruple Play

Similar to the Triple Play above, this involved satisfying four different photo spaces with a single post.

Grand Slam

In the original OPC, there were a number of separate photo spaces (“channels” if you will). Playing a Grand Slam involved posting a photo in at least four of those spaces that also worked for #OnThisDay and #WeeklyTheme. Quite the feat!


The original platform we used for OnePhoto.Club was MightyNetworks.


This was the overarching name for the Mighty community that hosted One Photo Club and #GoQuesting. It was also the domain for the web interface.