Participating as a non-member

If you don’t want an account on OnePhoto.Club, you can still participate in our theme prompts from another server using the OPC hashtags.

Follow the prompts

First, you’ll want to follow the account (and turn on notifications) to see the theme announcements.

You can also subscribe to the calendar in your personal calendar app of choice, or follow along via rss.

To join in, simply use the appropriate hashtags in your posts.

Follow the posts

If you’re on a large instance, you can follow these hashtags to see a number of OPC posts:

  • #opcWeeklyTheme
  • #opcSpecialTheme
  • #opcOnThisDay

Unfortunately, due to how federation works, you may not see every OPC post—and perhaps very few if you are also on a small instance—unless you follow OPC members directly.

You can also view the OPC local feed on the web, or use a third party app that allows to you view remote servers.

If you’re running your own instance

If you are running your own instance, consider adding the following relays: